Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jesus Brings Us Light

Jesus has brought so much light into my life. Using the word Triduum, here are some of the ways I have experienced the light of Christ.
T - the Triduum (that was easy)
R - Reconciliation - experiencing God's mercy is like shining a light in the dark corners of my life
I - seeing and experiencing how the impossible becomes possible with God
D - discovering that I am the beloved daughter of the Father
U - the universal church (catholic meaning universal)
U - the uplifted feeling I get when I go to Mass and to Adoration and to the Easter Vigil! (OK, I know I am stretching it with Uplifted, but can you think of another U?)
M - Jesus gave us His mother, Mary. How much He must love us!
May Jesus bring light into your life! Have a blessed Easter!
First published in Prayerful Morsels


Enola said...

Triuudum - a new word for me. I love learning new words. Thanks for sharing!

We have a Maundy Thursday service at our church. We get out of our cars and walk in silence into the family life center. Tables are set up in a cross formation. On the tables are a little cup of juice (the blood) and a napkin and a red piece of paper. No one speaks except the person singing, handbells playing, and preacher saying communion. The bread is served family style. We then file out single file, taking our piece of paper which symbolizes our sins. We stop by the door, pick up a hammer and nail our piece of paper (sins) to the large wooden cross. We leave in silence.

On Friday the cross is errected on the front of the church lawn and draped in black.

On Sunday morning the nails are gone and the cross is renewed (a new, nail free cross is put there) and draped in white.

It's so cool to see this display.

Colleen said...

Thanks for sharing about Maundy Thursday. What great symbolism! Symbolism really helps in the experience of this holy time doesn't it? Have a blessed Easter!

Just Be Real said...

Collen, appreciate the acrostic. Triuudum also a new word for me. I am so glad that Jesus means so much to you! Thank you for sharing!

Colleen said...

Just Be Real - Thank you for visiting and commenting. I wish you a blessed Easter.