Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sabbath Moments - Taking the Time

Sabbath moments are the moments we rest in God, when we take time to just Be with God rather than Do. Sabbath moments are also those times when we live in the moment and find the holy in the ordinary. I invite you to share your Sabbath moment(s) here on Saturdays. Be sure to sign into Mr. Linky below. If you don't have a blog, please share about it in a comment!
Here are some of my sabbath moments this week:
1. Have not had much reading time lately and that drives me crazy!  So I made some extra time for reading and that was really relaxing. I read about friendships and prayer!
2. Took some extra time for prayer as well. Time often seems to be in such short supply doesn't it? But I found a quote that I used in my newsletter this month by St. Pio - "Prayer is the oxygen of the soul." Prayer needs to be a priority.
3. Had some rain this week. Just a little and we could use some more. I sat looking out the window one early evening. I always love watching a slow rain. I seem to slow down and become quiet (on the inside as well as on the outside).
4. I have been listening to some retreat talks on CD on my drive to work and home again. It passes the time and inspires me, too, with some beautiful prayerful talks.
What were some of your sabbath moments?


Debra said...

I sat on the banks of the Mississippi River in New Orleans today, watching the water ever so slowly rise, trusting that God has full control and knows what is best.

I need to take more time, I really do.

Colleen said...

Debra, Amen! For me, letting go of my need to control and trusting in God is a very hard thing. God bless you. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

I went to confession and signed up for your online retreat and can't wait to set aside time this Sunday to begin.

Jean Wise said...

Reading and prayer help my Sabbath time too. What i neglect and helps me so much is writing in my journal. Love your idea of listening to retreats in the car though and may try that. thanks for the inspiration!

Mary333 said...

Hi Colleen! I'm with you on the reading thing! I like to read every day for a little while - it's peaceful and relaxing for me, too :)

Listening to retreat talks on your way to and from work is a great idea!

Thanks for joining "Blogging for Jesus"! Blogrolls and Blogrings make it easier for search engines to find our sites and I am determined to increase the presence of Christian sites on the internet. The way I see it - every little bit helps!

Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day tomorrow!

Barb Schoeneberger said...

Colleen, your examples of peaceful times with God remind me to think of Him even when it's raining!

Colleen said...

Anonymous, thank you! Hope you enjoy it!

Jean, you are welcome! Hope you try the retreats in the car! God bless!

Mary, I liked that idea of Blogging for Jesus and can see what you mean about spreading the word more. Happy Mother's Day to you too!

Barb, ohhhh, what a peaceful way to rest in God. God bless!

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

I love how you experience such tangible things: reading, breathing, etc. into spiritual realities and blessings in your life:) Thanks for helping us "tune in" to our God moments with this meme each week!

Colleen said...

Judy, you are so kind. Thank you and God bless!