Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thankful for Blessings - The Holy Spirit

I just love Wednesdays because it is the day I join my beautiful friend, Judy, in this meme at her inspiring blog, A Thankful Woman's Book of Blessings. In this meme we give thanks for the five things we are most thankful for this past week and then link to Judy's blog. Be sure to also check out her website when you visit!
Some of my blessings this week:
1. Thankful to the adorers at my church and the Holy Spirit too! Last weekend, we came very close to not having enough adorers for the middle of the night and I was worried. I put the word out, asked for help, prayed a lot, and we not only had enough adorers but had new people sign up. Praise God!
2. I am thankful for my grandson who turns 1 year old next week. Do you believe it? I can hardly wait to see him!
3. My hubby - he always looks out for my needs and happiness before his own. Truly a wonderful husband who has taught me a lot about what love really means.
4. The Catholic Church - this is where I found God over 20 years ago. This weekend we celebrate Pentecost, the birthday of the church and the coming of the Holy Spirit. Thank you Lord!
5. Diaconate Ordination - went to the ordination of 3 deacons last week. Always moving. I was filled with such joy to witness this beautiful sacrament of Holy Orders.
The Holy Spirit has been busy this week! :)



Victor S E Moubarak said...

And I'm thankful ... amongst other things ... for this post.

God bless.

munchesmom said...

What a wonderful, spirit-filled week for you! And so timely w/ Pentecost this weekend...what a blessing!

Happy Birthday to that dear little grandson of yours! WOW! One already!

Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge said...

Loved perpetual adoration at my parish growing up. So blessed to see you are able to share that blessing with others!

Eileen @ Ordained Praise said...

Blessings to you in all your endeavors with our beloved Church!

Mary333 said...

He sure has been busy! These are beautiful blessings and a great reminder to us all of the many thing in life we should be thankful for - especially family, faith, and Jesus!
Happy Birthday to your grandson :)

Colleen said...

Victor, thank you so much!

munchesmom, thank you! I cannot believe he will be one next week!!

Kristen, unfortunately we do not have perpetual adoration. I wish we did! But we do have 24 hours of adoration twice a month. You are right - it is a blessing!

Eileen, blessings to you too!

Mary, thank you! God bless!