Sunday, July 3, 2011

Come to Me

"Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.” - Matthew 11:28
I love this verse. I quote it frequently.
I use it in spiritual direction. I use it when someone comes to me, feeling overwhelmed or exhausted. I use it for everyone … except myself. Why?
Because I think I can do it all by myself. Because I think I am in control. Because I don’t like to admit I need anyone. Even God.
But I do. I do need God.
I cannot do it all by myself. I cannot carry my burdens alone.
I cannot.
“Come to me … and I will give you rest.”
Come to me.
I need to let go and rest in Jesus. Not only because I need to, but because He wants me to.
For Jesus is “meek and humble of heart.” (v. 29).
Come to me.
Jesus, help me to let go of my need to be in control all the time. Help me to remember that You are always there for me. Help me to remember that I need you. You alone.


Karinann said...

Teresa of Avila sums today's Gospel up perfectly: God alone suffices.
As a fellow control freak, I will join you in your prayer :)
Hugs & blessings!

mary333 said...

Hi Colleen,
Michaela and I just got back from Mass and the priest spoke about this (not that Michaela listened) Gospel. The verse you mention in your post is a favorite of mine and I'm always trying to let go and let God. It's tough because I never realized what a control freak I was until my conversion, so it's an ongoing process.
As for rest, I plan on getting plenty of it for the next two weeks because we are on vacation :) You can think about my frozen, numb toes as you dip yours into the warm Florida water (lol)!

Jade said...

I have this quote written on an index card which I've taped to my little prayer table. It serves as a helpful reminder for when I'm feeling like I need to be in control... it can be very difficult to surrender to Jesus, but when we do, there's great peace.

Colleen (Inadequate Disciple) said...

The priest that advised me in the confessional said same thing to me today, "need to learn to rest in the Lord." Love to get these confirmations from the Holy Spirit when he is trying to teach me something!

Colleen said...

Karinann, I love that quote from Teresa. I try to remember that. Glad I am not the only control freak around here. :)
Hugs and blessings right back to you!

Mary, letting go and letting God is hard to do for sure. And yes, I think it is a lifelong process for us control freaks. Praise God we are not the ones really in control!
Have a great vacation!

Jade, amen!! (I write my favorite quotes down on cards too and use them as bookmarks!)

Colleen, aha! A God-incidence! I love those too!

Jean Wise said...

Isn't it just amazing that He invites US to come to Him. wow. What an invitation. Thanks for such a thoughtful post.

Colleen said...

Jean, yes, it is amazing. Thanks for sharing that with us. Awesome.

Daily Grace said...

Thank you Colleen, this is truly beautiful!

Colleen said...

Daily Grace, thank you!

noreen said...

Hi Colleen, how true your words are that we do need to remind ourselves how much we need God! It goes against secular thought -- we should be able to do it all on our own. What twisted thinking so thank you for the reminder! May God Richly Bless You!

Joann said...

How right you are! Sometimes I have to remind myself of the very thing I would speedily offer someone else as advice.

Colleen said...

noreen, thank you for your comment. Yes, i think we forget that we are not in charge. That we need God. May the Lord help me to remember! God bless!

Joann, me too! God bless!