Sunday, August 7, 2011

Jesus Holds Us Up

But when he saw how strong the wind was he became frightened; and, beginning to sink, he cried out, "Lord, save me!" - Matthew 14:30
Peter takes a chance, he steps out in faith, and his doubts and fears get in the way. Doesn't that happen to all of us?
When I am troubled or afraid, I often picture myself sinking below the waves, my hand reaching out and Jesus grabbing onto it. That image in my mind can often be enough to ease my fears.
But I have come a long way. There was a time when I would not even get out of the boat. Nowadays, I will at least put my big toe in the water to check things out. And sometimes, I will dive right in.
Either way, deep underneath, along with my fear, is that trust that Jesus is near. And the more I dive in, the more I trust.
For me, I don't think the point is that we learn to walk on water.  I think the point is that we need to get out of the boat in the first place, trusting that Jesus is holding us up all the time.
Dear Lord, thank you for calling me to step out in faith. Help me to remember that, no matter what fears I may have, you are there to grab my hand. Every time. Amen.


Debra said...

I love this picture. Somedays my faith seems so small...I am compelled to pray, "Lord I believe, help thou my unbelief".

Happy Lords day Colleen!

Paul Wharton said...

Thanks for sharing this and congratulations on your recent anniversary blogging.

Colleen said...

Debra, all we need is the faith of a mustard seed! I pray that prayer a lot too! :) God bless!

Fr. Paul, thank you! God bless!

Karinann said...

I love this reflection. I can relate to days when I would not venture out of the boat. I am much braver knowing Jesus is there to save me when I need Him. There is so much in that little three word prayer of Peter's~Lord, save me. As one of our deacon's said in his homily today, we need to be saved from ourselves, the world and the devil. We need a Savior and Jesus is there always; we just need to call on Him.
Happy blog anniversary!
Hugs and blessings.

Colleen said...

Karinann, a priest once told me that the one prayer Jesus will always answer with a YES is - "Save me Lord." Needless to say, I pray it a lot! Your deacon was so right, eh? Thanks for your comments! Hugs back!

mary333 said...

I love this Gospel passage, Colleen. It's one I often turn to when I feel overwhelmed. Thanks for this beautiful reflection :)

Colleen said...

Mary, me, too. Thanks. God bless!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

"Lord, save me."

God bless.

Colleen said...

Victor, amen. Thanks and God bless!

Kathleen Basi said...

I like that thought,'s like Mother Teresa saying that the point isn't to succeed, it's to do the work of God whatever the result (deeply paraphrased and interpreted).

Barb Schoeneberger said...

"...we need to get out of the boat in the first place." How very true. Your post reminds me of how terrified I was in lifesaving class to jump off the high diving board. I am terrified of heights. But I made myself climb the ladder several times day after day until I got over my fear. If we have Jesus on our minds we can attempt anything, and practicing trust in Him makes us stronger. Keep sticking those toes in the water and I will, too.

Carol@simple_catholic said...

Amen! Beautiful meditation, Colleen and spot on.

You are so right: sometimes stepping out of the boat IS the leap of faith. Thanks for this reflection!

Colleen said...

Kathleen, thank you. You are right - didnt think of that!

Barb, I had not thought about that - practicing trust in Jesus. Thanks! And yes, let us remember to keep sticking our toes in the water!! I think when we share the times we do that, that also helps us trust more.

Carol, thank you! Glad you like it!