Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sabbath Moments - Beautiful Moments

Sabbath moments are a way of taking time to rest in God, to enjoy God in silence or in nature. The word sabbath comes from a Hebrew word meaning "cease." And that is what we need to do sometimes, cease our activity and live in the moment and breathe in God.
I invite you to share your Sabbath moment(s) here on Saturdays. Be sure to sign into Mr. Linky below.
Here are some of my Sabbath moments for this week:

1. Quiet moments in the evening after work, sitting with my hubby, talking & listening. Being.
2. Eucharistic Adoration. An hour of prayer and silence before the Blessed Sacrament. What a gift.
3. Early mornings. I used to hate getting up early, but I have learned to love the early morning drive to work, seeing the sun rise. I just love the quiet moments. Beautiful moments. Sabbath moments.
4. Every day I look forward to reading and praying with scripture. I look forward to it every day but do not get to do it every day! It is always a struggle but worth it.
5. I am presenting a retreat in a couple of weeks. The preparation for it has many Sabbath moments, as I need silence and prayer and spiritual books within reach. Such a spirit-filled time as I need to pray a lot and listen closely to the Holy Spirit throughout my writing and presenting. A blessing from God.
What were some of your sabbath moments this week?


Barbara Schoeneberger said...

I don't get to read and pray from Scripture every day, either. But Scripture keeps hopping into my head as I think about various things going on in my life and our nation. That drives me to dig deeper into God's Word. The Bible is a priceless treasure.

I wish you the best in preparing for the retreat you'll be giving.

Judy Dudich said...

I love this theme of "being", "quiet", and "prayerfulness" that you have described for us. With a very busy time of year, approaching, I am grateful to you for this gentle reminder to keep a meditative and peaceful be mindful of and enjoy our Sabbath Moments. THANK YOU!

Colleen said...

Barb, a priceless treasure indeed. Thank you!

Judy, yes, reflecting on each moment, living in the present moment, helps us to find that peaceful focus. Glad you liked it! Thank you!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Praying for your successful retreat.

God bless.

Colleen said...

Victor, thank you! I need all the prayers I can get! God bless.

evanscove said...

May God bless you richly as you prepare for this retreat. I pray you will be a blessing to those attending as well as being enriched yourself!

Just spending time with loved ones--or just BEING, as you said--is always a little sabbath. I hope you and your husband have many more such sabbath moments together!

Reflecting on these times you've had throughout the week is a great way to learn to appreciate them.


Colleen said...

Evan, I so agree about reflecting on the moments helps us to appreciate them. I think that writing about them adds to that as well. Thanks!

Kathleen Basi said...

Sitting together and talking is such a beautiful gift. It gets harder and harder for us to do that, but I love it when we do. And the sunrise seems so much more profound at this time of year--when it's happening as we're preparing for the day, instead of while we're still asleep.

Colleen said...

Kathleen, the sitting and talking is easier now that we have an empty nest. It is even more beautiful now, after all these years and our children grown. I pray for this for you and all my young friends!