Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Thankful for Blessings - The Week before Christmas

Every Wednesday we take time to remember and to share some of the many blessings we receive from God. Please join us! And be sure to visit our hostess Judy at her blog, A Thankful Woman's Book of Blessings and her website and her new blog - Catholic Mom Cafe. Check it out! Thank you for this meme, Judy! Now it is time to share our attitude of gratitude!
I am thankful for -
1. Air conditioning. Yes, air conditioning. Temperatures went up to over 80! I am hoping and praying for cold weather for Christmas.
2. My husband. He is so busy. He is baking and cooking and planning like crazy for Christmas. I am so busy at work, I cannot help much. We make a good team but then we always have!
3. My stepchildren. We are a large blended family. We will spend parts of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day together and with many of our grandchildren.
4. My boys. They cannot make it home for Christmas but will be here the weekend after. We will have a Christmas dinner and celebration then and hubby will also be baptizing our granddaughter! Woo hoo! This is turning into a week-long celebration of Jesus and family!
5. My job at church. My co-workers. My pastor. The work of a parish staff at Christmas. We are busy but as stressful as it can get, it is so rewarding to serve the parish and my Lord in this way. Truly a blessing. 


Jean Wise said...

Great list. I don't think I ever have prayed with gratitude for air conditioning in December in Ohio. LOL

Colleen said...

Jean, I would guess not! Funny!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Blessings to you and your family and your air conditioning too.

Here in the UK it is freezing.

God bless.

Judy Dudich said...

Such WONDERFUL blessings! Enjoy your family time...AND those cookies!

Colleen said...

Victor, thank you! We are actually cold today! in the 60's!

Judy, thank you! The cookies are wonderful! There goes the diet!

Joann / lioness said...

I can just see you and your husband scurrying around making your world a place of Christ's love simply by example.
That deserves a merry HO HO HO!

Colleen said...

Thanks Joann! Ho ho ho and Woo Hoo!

ellengable said...

Merry Christmas, Colleen! I can't imagine needing air conditioning at Christmas time. We have over a foot and a half of snow and frigid temps! God bless you and your family!

Colleen said...

Ellen, I dream of white Christmases! I have had only one in over 39 years! Enjoy! :)
Merry Christmas!

Susan said...

Wonderful list! All your hard work will make for a meaningful Christmas at your parish.

By the way, Judy's blog has disappeared. What happened? Any idea? I clicked on the link and got a message it was gone.

Colleen said...

Susan, thank you for your comment.
Judy has gone off line. She wrote a farewell post but only a few days ago. I think she is still on facebook for a while. And she wrote about it on Facebook, which is why I know it is OK to write about it here. I will miss her very much. I do not know if someone will take up this meme or if I will or what will happen.