Monday, March 25, 2013

Light in the Darkness - White Smoke

Maria at Four Blessings Academy is hosting an uplifting new meme for every Monday called Light in the Darkness. Here we share stories of hope and joy. We can link to a news article or video or tell a story from our own lives. Post about your story and then link to Maria's blog. There is enough negativity in this world. Let's spread some joy and light up the darkness!

I saw this video last week and I knew I had to post it for this meme. It just brought me such joy. We all have seen many scenes like this since Pope Francis was elected but still ... can we ever tire of these joy-filled moments?!?! I surely hope not!


Nancy Shuman said...

This is wonderful, the recapturing of such delightful moments, such joy! THANK YOU for sharing this!!!!

Maria said...

I had heard about this, but hadn't seen the video yet. I just love their reactions...esp. when they were spinning around & kneeling like little girls! They presented so much joy. Thanks for sharing this, Colleen!

BTW - Mother Assumpta Long spoke at our Catholic Women's Conference a few years ago. She was WONDERFUL, such a delight to listen to!

Colleen said...

Nancy, I love that joy too!

Maria, they have that kind of joy that is contagious!