Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Deo Gratias - God is Good

If the only prayer you ever say in your life
 is thank you, it will be enough." - Meister Eckhart

Deo Gratias is Latin for "Thanks be to God." Remembering to give thanks for all of our blessings, big and small, helps us to find God in our everyday moments and gives us an attitude of gratitude! I invite you to share your blessings here on Wednesdays. Be sure to sign into Mr. Linky below and grab the button to put on your blog!

1. Spent Sunday in the ER with hubby. Poor guy is having one thing after another. The tests came out OK and we went home relieved. Thank you, Lord.
2. Had a quiet rainstorm Sunday evening that just relaxed me. It was so peaceful. Thank you, Lord.
3. I have a long weekend off coming up! Woo hoo! Thank you, Lord.
4. So many awesome stories coming out of Boston about people helping each other during this difficult time after the marathon bombing. It is heartwarming and hopeful.
5. Went to adoration Friday night. The Blessed Sacrament is such a gift, hard to put into words. God is good. Deo Gratias!


Maria said...

Oh My! I hope your hubby is doing okay. I'll keep him in my prayers.

Sounds like we both had a wonderful experience w/ our Lord this past week.

Enjoy your long weekend!

Colleen said...

Maria, he is having more tests done. Thanks for your prayers. God bless!

mary333 said...

Your poor husband! I will continue to pray for him!

Enjoy your long weekend, Colleen!

Colleen said...

Mary, he is better today! Thanks for your prayers! Keep praying!

Barb Schoeneberger said...

Will be praying for both of you. I hope it's nothing serious.

Colleen said...

Barb, he needs prayers for sure. Thank you!