Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sabbath Moments - Little Moments

Sabbath moments are a way of taking time to rest in God, to enjoy God in silence or in nature. The word sabbath comes from a Hebrew word meaning "cease." And that is what we need to do sometimes, cease our activity and live in the moment and breathe in God.
I invite you to share your Sabbath moment(s) here on Saturdays. Be sure to sign into Mr. Linky below!

1. Read here about the new app launched by Pope Francis Friday! It is called Missio and will help user stay up to date on Catholic news from the Vatican and around the world. including the pope's daily homilies, etc. It is from Pontifical Missions society.
I include this here because some of my sabbath moments come from reading the Holy Father's homilies, whenever I can find them. Now I will have them right on my phone or ipad.
Plus, just the idea that Pope Francis is blessing this app and launching it himself really gives me the goosebumps! Another way of making us all feel a part of the universal church, the family of Catholics. It gives me that close "family" feeling.
2. Had a meeting of the Adoration ministry at our parish to plan our Corpus Christi Holy Hour. Shared some thoughts about adoration and read some quotes that were really moving, from popes and from scripture. Really an awesome time of sharing our love for for Jesus and His gift of the Eucharist.
3. Eucharistic adoration in the middle of the night. Love that silent peaceful time with the Lord.
4. Other than the hour of Adoration, I had a hard time finding quiet moments this week with the Lord. Too much going on! This is when I have to really pay attention and make it happen. And get creative. Conversations with God on my drive to work. Reading devotionals. Reading scripture in the quiet house after my husband goes to bed. I look for little sabbath moments.


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Blessings to you and your family, Colleen.

Barb Schoeneberger said...

Thanks for mentioning Missio. I don't have and iphone or ipad, but this venture by the Pope is going to be great for all Catholics who understand that we are all one. Our Church is universal, headed by the successor of Peter. To have the Pope with us electronically wherever we are is just fantastic. I look to him on a daily basis for many Sabbath Moments. He just keeps cranking them out!

Colleen said...

Victor, thank you so much. God bless you!

Barb, I agree! His daily homilies are wonderful and always speak to my heart. God bless!