Thursday, October 17, 2013

Small Success Thursday Returns!

Our days are filled with "small successes." Thanks to Sherry Antonetti at, we have a way of sharing them. To participate in this meme, write 3 small successes each week on Thursday and link up to
My small successes this week:

1. My husband and I started a diet last week. And we have both lost a few pounds.

2. I have been testing a few autoresponders for my monthly newsletter. Usually I don't like the testing stage of anything but I am being patient and accepting of the learning curve involved.

3. I am going to have a house full of company next week and I am not freaking out. In fact, I am pretty calm. 


Barb, ofs said...

I need to know your secret for Not Freaking Out. That is a HUGE thing right there.

Colleen said...

Well Barb, it's like this. We just moved. And I am so tired from all that freaking out, I have no energy left!!
:) said...

Tell us, how are you not freaking out? What's the difference this go round? I ask because I need to know so I don't go ballistic when people come over (especially with Christmas and Thanksgiving coming up!)

Colleen said...

Cristina, I know what you mean I usually do too. Like I told Barb, I am so tired out from moving. It was a pretty stressful move, so having company feels like a piece of cake. AND, my husband does all the cooking. Woo hoo!
Of course this feeling of calm could all change by next week. Will keep you informed. :)