Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Deo Gratias - Cooler Weather

"If the only prayer you ever say in your life
 is thank you, it will be enough." - Meister Eckhart

Deo Gratias is Latin for "Thanks be to God." Remembering to give thanks for all of our blessings, big and small, helps us to find God in our everyday moments and gives us an attitude of gratitude! I invite you to share your blessings here on Wednesdays. Be sure to sign into Mr. Linky below and grab the button.

1. Our weather here in Florida has cooled down a little ... finally. This can change any minute but we are enjoying the cool air and no air conditioning. Deo gratias!

2. I had a wonderful phone conversation with my mom last night. She visited me a week ago and I miss her already. The phone call helped. Deo gratias!

3. I did not get my devotional in the mail for November. Probably because of our move. So I emailed the company and asked them if they could send me another one (for free) and they did! Deo gratias!

4. I have learned all about cold brewing my coffee and can now make ice coffee at home a lot cheaper than buying it and almost as good. Almost. Deo gratias!

5. I am so grateful that I work in the parish office and am able to meet so many people who love the Church and love God. What a blessing! Deo gratias!

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Maria said...

Sounds like a wonderful list of blessings! Our weather in Ohio is still going back & forth. Last week we were in the upper 60s, this week is all over the place...67 today, 49 tomorrow!

Cold brewing coffee? Sounds great! How do you do it?

Eileen Miller said...

The weather in Maryland is beautiful the mid upper 50's.

Sorry I haven't kept up with blogging well but please don't forget me. I love your posts Colleen.

Colleen said...

Maria, I will visit your blog and give you recipe for the coffee.
Up and down weather can drive me nuts!! Don't know how to dress! lol

Eileen, your weather sounds nice. I would love that temp!
Thank you for your comment, Don't worry, I won't forget you! :)

Jean Wise said...

What a wonderful list of blessings. And glad you mentioned how well you like your job. That is one many people struggle with.

Colleen said...

Jean, thank you! I do feel blessed everyday that I have this job. I never want to take it for granted.

RAnn said...

I have to confess that I prefer warm weather!

Colleen said...

RAnn, so does my husband! Although he is happy when we can turn off the air conditioner and let fresh air in.