Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sabbath Moments - Happy Thanksgiving

Sabbath moments are a way of taking time to rest in God, to enjoy God in silence or in nature. The word sabbath comes from a Hebrew word meaning "cease." And that is what we need to do sometimes, cease our activity and live in the moment and breathe in God.
I invite you to share your Sabbath moment(s) here on Saturdays. Be sure to sign into Mr. Linky below!

Working on an advent retreat that I am giving in a couple of weeks. Reading several different reflections to hopefully inspire me. We never know who God will use to touch our hearts. I have also bought my devotional to use during Advent, my favorite from past few years, Waiting in Joyful Hope.

ABC's of Retreats
Just finishing up an ebook with reflections on retreats. Will be available soon, pdf version, with some freebies too! Working on these reflections reminds me of the need and benefit of retreats and I find myself wishing I was going on one!! Not in the cards this year with our move but next year for sure!

Looking forward to seeing family on Thanksgiving Day. Trying to make every day a Thanksgiving day in my own heart. That is why I write the Deo Gratias meme (means - thanks be to God) every Wednesday. It helps keep me aware of all the blessings in my life. Gratitude is such an important part of our spiritual life and relationship with God. No matter what is going on, God is with us, loving us and healing us and calling us to Him.


Barb Schoeneberger said...

It takes a lot of mental energy to put retreats together and all the other writing you do. I am grateful to God that you can do these things because my mental energy gets used up way too fast these days and writing seems to be a growing burden. What I imagine myself being able to do and what, in reality, I am actually capable of are two different things. Anyway, may many people benefit from your efforts. I sure do.

Colleen said...

thank you for your beautiful words. I appreciate them very much. we are mutual admirers I guess, as I love reading your articles too!