Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sunday Snippets - May 10

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Question of the Week: Tell us any memories you have of your First Holy Communion. Or tell us about your kids' First Communions. 
I am a convert so my First Communion was 25 years ago at an Easter Vigil Mass. First Communion and Confirmation and Profession of Faith. One of the most important and memorable days of my life. Changed my life and the life of my family as well. I attended a friend's daughter's First Communion today. I cried when I went up to receive the Eucharist. The adults who talked throughout the whole Mass - including communion time - just made me cry. Oh, Lord, forgive them for they know not what they do.

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Kathleen Basi said...

Sometimes even committed Catholics can get lost in the excitement of the day and distracted. I don't know if these were committed Catholics or not, but if that's the case it's worth remembering that Jesus would love their excitement. If not...well, I'm sad too.

Colleen said...

It was a mixture. Those who I knew as members of my parish were reverent at all times. But there were many I did not know. And some of them, not all, turned communion time into a 3 ring circus. I try not to judge, but I found it sad.
However, thank you for reminding me of how Jesus would love their excitement. That is very true.