Tuesday, April 7, 2015

my little rant

I love Mary Magdalene. I guess I have a strong devotion to her. I can so relate to her need to be with Jesus to the end. Her need to go see his tomb and her absolute fear and grief at finding it empty.
And then her joy at hearing her name called. Mary.
And she answers, Rabboni.
It is one of my favorite Gospel stories and I cannot get enough of it. Something about Mary Magdalene and her spirit and devotion that just calls out to me. And warms my heart and brings tears to my eyes.
Fr. James Martin, SJ, posted a reflection on Mary Magdalene on Facebook, using this gospel reading (John 20:11-18) and ended it saying that between the time she saw Jesus and told the disciples the good news, Mary Magdalene was the church.
How beautiful. And very moving to me.
Unfortunately, there were people who decided to take this opportunity to make the statement that women should be priests. And going on and on about it. I get so tired of that happening all the time. This was a case of a priest writing a beautiful reflection for us to meditate on and pray about. It was not the time to push our favorite cause or whatever.
I refused to let it ruin my reflection, but still, maybe it did. I was annoyed. Can we just pray and reflect on the Lord, without church politics getting in the way? Without people pushing their favorite “cause”?
Can’t we just praise and honor and thank our Lord?

I love you, Jesus. Please forgive my whining.


Deacon John Giglio Jr said...

The sad part of all this Colleen, is these people, who question the Will of God are mostly Catholics. At Easter Sunday dinner, with my family, the subject came up again, as some family members asked me what I thought about this subject. I said the Church has already made it clear, that only men can be ordained to the priesthood. Some asked why? I said, for one thing, Jesus Christ was a man and a priest is an alter Christus, another Christ, so it makes sense that as Christ was a amn, so each priest would be a man. Unfortunately, I don't think that went over too well with them. God bless+

Colleen said...

Thank you John. I admire how you handled that. It is hard when family argues with us and doesn't understand. They miss out on so much.
All we have to do is look at women like Mary Magdalene and see that Jesus has a role for us and it is awesome and I do not feel slighted in the least.
Nice to "chat" with you. God bless you, too.

Michael said...

Amen, and Happy Easter Colleen! God Bless you!

Colleen said...

Michael, thank you. Happy Easter!