Sunday, May 10, 2015

Love One Another

"This is my commandment: love one another as I love you." - Jn 15:12
I was watching my son caring for his son. Our grandson was almost 2 at the time. "Almost-2's" can be challenging, but my son and daughter-in-law both seem to have a bottomless supply of patience.
Watching them, I found myself thinking a lot about God and His love for us. He has a bottomless supply of patience, too. With all of us. Even those of us who can be quite challenging.
A person's image of God is most often formed by how they see their father. My father abused me for years so I had a hard time relating to God as a loving Father. For years, I saw God as an angry, punishing God.
After my conversion, that image of God began to heal. I began to see God as my Father, who loves me unconditionally. A God who loves all of us, even my father.
I thought about this as I observed my son with my grandson. Loving my grandson is easy. But do I love my father as Jesus does?
We like to think we love everyone. We like to think we love all people, even those who are unlovable.
But do we? Really?
Love one another as I love you.
I forgave my father for abusing me.
I pray for him everyday.
But we have not spoken in many years. Do I love him the way Jesus does?

Dear Lord, help me to love as you love. Help me to love even the most unlovable. This is not easy. I can only do so with your grace. Thank you for loving me. Amen.

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