Friday, March 5, 2010

Touch of Our Savior's Hand - New Life

My special blogging friend, Karinann, hosts Touch of Our Savior's Hand every Friday. This is such a beautiful meme because it helps us to be more mindful of God's presence in our lives all week long. If you wish to participate or check out other posts, visit Karinann at her beautiful blog - Blessings For the Day. Be sure to check out her other blogs too! Thank you, Karinann, for hosting this meme, for sharing your faith so beautifully and for being my friend!
1. I listened to a conversion story this week and was really touched. I am a convert myself and I love hearing others' conversion stories, but this one really moved me to tears. And it reminded me that I just love being Catholic. And why I love being Catholic.
2. I am sorry that I keep repeating myself but here I go again. I have been writing all week about seeing the 3D ultrasound of my new grandson-to-be. That is certainly one awesome example of experiencing the Touch of Our Savior. There is more to the story though.
As soon as the first view of our grandson, Landan, showed on the screen, my husband's eyes filled with tears. He was in awe, as I was. And all he could say the rest of the weekend was that he already felt like he knew his grandson. He already felt like he had bonded with him. The grandfather of 15, he just could not stop talking about it.
I saw God a lot that day. He was in the miracle of my grandson. He was in the love of my son and daughter in law. He was in the tears and the awe of my husband. And He filled my heart with joy!
Thank you, Lord.


Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

I've never met Rich in person, but I have liked him from the first moment you introduced us to him in your writings!!!! This story is SOOOO beautiful Colleen. Thank you so very much for letting US ALSO feel the Touch of Our Savior's Hand through your post!

Karinann said...

That's OK you go right ahead and keep on repeating the stories of the ultrasounds of your grandson.
I also love to listen to converts stories.
Thanks for your faithful participation here each week.
Hugs & Blessings!

Tracy said...

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!!!!

Colleen said...

Judy, thank you so much. So glad my story touched your heart!

Karinann, oh-oh. if you give me permission to go on and on - I just may go on and on! :)
Thanks, hugs right back to you!

Tracy, bless you.