Saturday, July 31, 2010

Praying the Psalms - Psalm 29

I just love the Psalms. And I love joining Jenny at Just A Minute in Praying the Psalms every Saturday. Won't you join us? This week is Psalm 29.
Give to the LORD the glory due God's name. Bow down before the LORD'S holy splendor! - Psalm 29:2
Sometimes I try to make God small enough for me to understand. I need a reminder that God is bigger than I can ever know. His majesty is more than I can grasp. God is glory and power! I want to praise my Lord and bow down before Him.
Praise and glory to you, my God!


sarah said...

I love the psalms too. have a great weekend.

God Whispers said...

Ooooo love what you said that yes God is bigger that we can ever know. We will never understand just how BIG. Blessings to you Colleen. ((((Colleen)))

Natalie said...

Wonderful! He is worthy to be praised!!!

Colleen said...

Sarah, thank you. You have a good weekend too!

God Whispers, we will finally understand when we see His face! Hugs back!

Natalie - thank you! Yes, sing praise!