Thursday, August 26, 2010

God Sends Angels

Someone once told me that he did not think that God was involved in the minor details of our lives. I disagreed. I have experienced His loving presence in my everyday life too many times.
Last week was one of those times.
Hubby and I were on our way home from vacation. We had a good 4 or 5 hour drive ahead of us when suddenly one of our tires blew and we had to pull over to the side of the highway.
We decided to call AAA but just when I was about to dial the number, a truck pulled over and a man got out, offering to help. He proceeded to change the tire for us so we wouldn't be stuck there waiting. He waved off our offer of payment and was soon on his way. I told Rich he was one of God's angels!
So we got off at the next exit to put some air in the spare and check the other tires. We had to wait in line behind some young men filling the tires on their all-terrain vehicles. We didn't get impatient about it, just relieved that we would soon be on our way again.
When they were done with their tires, they pulled their truck away from the air hose and motioned for us to pull forward. Then, instead of being on their way, they proceeded to check the air in all our tires and put air in those that needed it!
We were so grateful for their kind help and glad that we did not get impatient! After all, why be impatient or worried? God kept sending us angels!
So what do you think? Does God do details?


Debra said...

Oh my! If God didn't do details I would be up a creed without a paddle!

Sounds like you and your hubby were surrounded by angels on this particular day!


Karinann said...

God is definitely in the details. Scripture confirms it. He knows every hair on our heads! And like you I have seen the proof in my own life.
Love the new image in your header.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Yes ... God is concerned with details and He does send Angels to help us when we least expect it.

God bless.

Jean Wise said...

I do believe God is in every detail. What acts of kindness you experienced and great reminder to be kind to others.

RomanCatholic Deacon said...

We can all be like angels by helping others in crisis! Many years ago, I was driving up from Miami on a deserted road through some farm land when I came across a woman standing by her car, which had a flat. I too stopped and changed the tire for her. She was so grateful and I was so happy to do this service for God! Thanks for the memory, dear Colleen :-)
Deacon John

Colleen said...

Debra, yes we were! And I agree about being up a creek without a paddle!

Karinann, thank you for reminding me about the hairs on our heads! Hugs!

Victor, God bless you too!

Colleen said...

Jean, yes, it was a reminder for me too. What a difference a kindness can make.

John, thank you for that story!! You were an angel too!

Anne said...

Colleen, I love the new header-it's beautiful!

Yes, God is in the details and His angels surround us watching out for us always.

Thank you for this uplifting and hopeful post!

Colleen said...

Anne, thank you so much. I am glad it was uplifting! And I am glad also that you liked my header. I needed something different.

Daily Grace said...

Wow, sounds like you and your husband really were surrounded by God angels!

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

That is simply AWESOME!
Mother Angelica used to always say that each night, as she climbed the stairs to her room, she would say, "Well, Lord, I'm going to bed now"...and then, to her viewing audience she'd marvel: "I know He knows that already, but somehow, I think He just likes when I tell Him anyway...and I like doing do".
This illustrates your post perfectly I think...God IS interested in every teeny weeny detail in our lives...consider that new grandson of yours, for you EVER tire of hearing new things about matter how minute the detail might be? I think not!

Colleen said...

Daily Grace, yes we were! God bless!

Judy, thanks for that story about Mother Angelica. I love it. And your analogy about being interested in every detail of my grandson's life is perfect! Hugs!

kkollwitz said...

"He knows every hair on our heads!" Yes.

I think he's starting to forget about some of mine.

evanscove said...

I believe God cares about what happens to us. Glad to hear you were blessed with by some "angels" on your trip. That's a great reminder for me to look for ways to bless others. Frankly, I tend to stay too bottled up in myself and become oblivious to the world around me.


Colleen said...

kkollwitz - I don't think he has forgotten any of yours!! Thanks for visiting and commenting!

Carol@simple_catholic said...

Oh my, God surely does do details! It's how I get through each day! lol!

Barb Schoeneberger said...

Colleen, the new picture is beautiful. Blues and greens are so peaceful.

Your story reminds me of how kindnesses are so important to help people grow in Faith. I praise God whenever I have a chance to do a kindness for others and and for those times when others have helped me. It is a beautiful thing to be reminded of God caring for us in the smallest ways.

Colleen said...

Carol - Amen to that! :)

Colleen said...

Evan, I am an introvert myself. But it reminded me as well, to be aware of the times when I can be the angel and also more aware of God's presence in my life in many ways.

Barb, glad you like my new header! And I agree - it is a beautiful thing to be reminded of how God cares for us. God bless!

Patricia Singleton said...

Many years ago, my mom, 6-year-old daughter and I were driving home from a visit to my sister's and got a flat tire. We pulled off on the side of the road near a truck stop and proceeded to unload the jack and her spare. A trucker came along and changed the spare tire for us. We offered to pay him and he said no. He said that he hoped someone would do the same for his mother if she ever needed help on the side of the road.

People can be so kind and helpful. It is wonderful to be on the receiving end of such kindness and yes, I do believe they are angels.

Glad you played and rested during your vacation. Thanks for sharing this.

Colleen said...

Patricia, thank you. And thank you also for sharing your experience. So uplifting.

Mary333 said...

Yes, God is definitely in the details! Great story!

Another proof that God is in the details:
When He healed me last spring He went ahead and healed my toenail fungus while He was at it! I also have a cyst on my head and it shrunk to half the size! Too funny! I was too embarrassed to post the toenail fungus thing on my blog. I did thank Him though. Got a good laugh over it, too. Obviously the fungus bothered Him (or maybe He wanted me to skip the toenail polish but I didn't because summer was coming ;) )

Colleen said...

Mary, I think whatever matters to us, matters to God. Which is awesome, to put it mildly! Blessings!