Saturday, August 28, 2010

Praying the Psalms - Psalm 33

I just love the Psalms. And I love joining Jenny at Just A Minute in Praying the Psalms every Saturday. Won't you join us? This week is Psalm 33.
For in God our hearts rejoice; in your holy name we trust. 
May your kindness, LORD, be upon us; we have put our hope in you. - Psalm 33:21-22
This psalm is a beautiful psalm of praise and it ends with these two verses. What a beautiful prayer, rejoicing in God and then a blessing - asking for God's kindness and stating we have put all our hope in Him.
And that is where it is at for me these days, no matter what happens - holding onto the Lord with hope and praise.
Lord, help me to trust and hope and love you more and more each day.


Jean Wise said...

May your kindness be upon us - wow what a wonderful prayer that is. Thanks for highlighting this for me.

Colleen said...

Jean, you are welcome! And you are right - it is a wonderful prayer.

Natalie said...

And He is trustworthy, isn't he?

Colleen said...

Natalie Yes! Amen!