Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sixty Seconds on Tuesday - Beautiful Storms

On Tuesdays I join Jenny at her blog called Just a Minute. She has a meme called Sixty Seconds on Tuesday which you can read more about here. Join her on Tuesdays to preserve a precious moment in word or photo. It is fun to share! 
Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain. ~Author Unknown
I saw this storm the other day and I got to thinking.
Sometimes storms  - both the inner kind and the weather kind - are powerful and terrifying. Sometimes they are beautiful.
Sometimes storms catch you off guard. Sometimes you know they are coming.
But always, they change things.


Daily Grace said...

I love the quote posted by the unknown author, it's so true!

I love the picture you posted, did you take it?

God bless

Anne said...

I love thunderstorms, especially when I am at home, safe and sound. Not so sure I love the internal storms, although I do agree that they serve a useful purpose.

The dB family said...

So true! I love watching the storms in the sky. I'm glad the storms of life mold me more into who God wants me to be.

Beautiful photo!


Colleen said...

Daily Grace, thank you! Would you believe I took the picture out my car window with my phone??

Anne, thunderstorms are beautiful to watch. And I agree the internal storms do not always feel so good.

Deborah, thank you! Glad you liked the photo! and I agree with you and Anne, storms are great to watch, from the comfort of our home!

evanscove said...

As a child, I used to love storms. There was just something about sitting at the window and watching the rain come down and the lightning flash and hearing the rumbling thunder.

Inner storms are a different matter. In fact, I've had so many inner storms throughout my adult life, it would be wonderful if I never had another! But the real world, both nature and the psyche, doesn't work that way.

Thanks for reflection! Dancing in the rain... another thing I haven't done since childhood! Let's all get together and do that sometime.

Have you listened to Enya's song "It's in the Rain"? Fits just what you're talking about! You'd probably enjoying hearing it.


Colleen said...

Evan, dancing in the rain sounds like a great idea! I will check out that song!! Thank you so much!