Monday, September 20, 2010

Keep Our Eyes on the Prize

St. Jane Frances de Chantal - "One thing alone is necessary: it is to have God. In short, then, no matter what is going on, we must hold both our attention and our love on God not wasting our time in studying what is happening to ourselves or what its cause is. Our Lord asks this of us."
Years ago, I asked my spiritual director where he thought I was on the spiritual journey. It seemed so important to me at the time. Of course, he couldn't answer that question. No one could. No one can.
I soon began to realize that it does not matter where we are on the journey, as long as we are on it. As long as we are praying and keeping our eyes on the Lord, what else matters?
We don't need to worry about what kind of fruit we are producing in our spiritual life. That is God's job.
We don't need to worry about how we compare to others on the journey. That is God's job.
As St. Jane Frances said, it is all a waste of time worrying about what is happening to us.
Just keep our eyes on the one thing necessary.
Keep our eyes on the Lord.


karinann said...

Thank you for this wonderful reflection. It's hard sometimes not to worry about "how we are doing" with our spiritual journey. But as you say all that matters is that we are on it and keep our eyes on Jesus- otherwise we are like St Peter on the water; we begin to sink.And then let us remember to cry "Save me Lord!"

Mary333 said...

I never know where I'm at either. When I was younger this used to concern me until I figured out that it wasn't my concern and was a useless endeavor anyway since only God knows our hearts. God surely wants all his children to bear fruit so, in faith, we have to trust Him. I also agree with not comparing ourselves with others. This is a waste since every person is unique and reflects different aspects of God's love. God doesn't compare people and I'm glad! It frees us to just be what He has called us to be!

Anne said...

This is such an encouraging message! I find that I despair the most when I try to compare my life to that of the saints-I am so far behind! I need to stop comparing and start living. Another piece of advice that I like is "pray as you can, not as you can't" and St. Francis de Sales words "Be what you are and be it well."

Colleen said...

Karinann, oh, I love that image! I often reflect on that, holding onto Jesus' hand with all my strength!

Mary, Amen! Thank you!

Anne, I am glad this was encouraging. I recently found that St Francis quote and love it too! As for the "pray as you can" that is one of my favorites! As a spiritual director, I often need to give others that quote. People often feel guilty if they do not pray in the way others tell them they should. This quote comforts and encourages. We each need to find our own way of prayer - the way in which God leads us.

Debra said...

"We don't need to worry about what kind of fruit we are producing in our spiritual life. That is God's job."

This has often been one of my worries... thanks so much for the reminder...

It is God's job!

Blessings Colleen, have a great day!

Colleen said...

Debra, I have worried about that too. I am learning not to any more. God bless!

Carol@simple_catholic said...

Wow. I needed to read this post. I have been comparing myself with others lately, thinking that I am soooo far from holiness compared to them.

This post has reminded me to keep my eyes fixed on CHRIST and not on myself or others. Thank you!

God bless.

Colleen said...

Carol, it is easy to fall into comparing ourselves with others. I needed the reminder myself!

Barb Schoeneberger said...

If I think about lagging on my spiritual journey it becomes an obstacle to trusting in God. It reminds me of Cardinal Merry del Val's litany of humility where he prayed: "That others may become holier than I, provided that I may become as holy as I should…"

Colleen said...

Barb, thanks for that quote! God bless!