Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lord, Set Me Free

The Lord sets prisoners free. (Psalm 146:7b)
The Gospel story today is about the rich man and Lazarus, the poor man he ignored. They both die and the rich man ends up in the netherworld and the poor man is free.
And it makes me wonder.
What poor part of me am I ignoring, refusing to feed?
What wounded part of me am I holding back, not bringing it to Jesus, not asking for healing?
What poverty am I hiding from even myself?
Lord, I know I need you. I know I ignore what I do not want to see about myself, the poor me. The hungry me.
Help me to bring my sins and wounds and burdens and lay them at your feet.
Lord, please help me be free.


pip said...

Amen, Colleen. I never thought, with this Gospel, to also consider my own 'poverty', ie neglected or malnourished areas within me. For such inner development can only end up spilling over to others too.

Colleen said...

pip, yes! If we do not care for ourselves, then it is pretty difficult to love our neighbor. Glad to hear from you!

Connie Arnold said...

Thank you for your important reminder to bring all that we are to Jesus to receive freedom and healing. Blessings to you, Colleen!

Mary333 said...

Good points, Colleen. I never thought about this Gospel story from that angle before. It makes me wonder about the impoverished parts of me, also. Great prayer!

Colleen said...

Connie, thank you! God bless!

Mary, glad you liked it. I never thought of it that way before either. Must be something some of us needed to hear! God bless!

Carol@simple_catholic said...

Wow. I'm another one who never related this gospel passage to my own poverty.

Thank you for this thought-provoking post!

God bless.

evanscove said...

True, we may be overlooking not just others who need help but our own souls. And are we refusing to let others help us? I'm sure that can be a sin too, as pride is never a virtue!


texasmom said...

I like the idea of finding our own poverty. I am going to meditate on that!

Colleen said...

Carol, you are welcome. God bless!

Evan, good thought. I am not good at letting others help me. Will have to reflect on that!

texasmom - thanks for your visit! God bless!