Sunday, September 19, 2010

Serving Two Masters

"No man can serve two masters." (Lk 16:13)
I know I serve 2 masters. I don't set out to do that. But I know I do.
I want to put God first. But then I choose myself instead.
I want to be available for others when they need me, but then I choose myself instead.
I watch TV instead of praying. 
I talk instead of listening.
I complain instead of speaking life-giving words to another.
I walk away in my own dream world instead of giving the loving hug to another.
I want to put God first. But I sometimes put myself and other things first. I do not want to. I do not mean to. But I do.
The good news is, Jesus knows that. Which is why he tells us these stories and gives us these words. 
God knows I need the reminder.
Dear Lord, help me to put You first. Help me to serve only You. And thank you for forgiving me and loving me when I don't. Amen.


Debra said...

Me too Colleen, I'm like the apostle Paul, I do not do what I should do, and that which I should do, well, I don't do it!

Colleen said...

Thank you Debra! Funny - I thought of Paul, too, after I read what I wrote!! :) God bless!

Anne said...

It's so hard, isn't it, to follow the right path, to detach ourselves from our wants and give them all to God. All we can do is keep on trying, asking Jesus to pick us up each time we fall. No matter how many times we fail Him, He will never fail us!

Mary333 said...

Me three! I'm with you and Debra on this one. Maybe that's why I love St Paul so much! The funny thing is that I think about God all the time but I don't always do what I should. Sometimes I'll just plan on popping on the computer for a few minutes before praying the Rosary and before you know it I realize it's bedtime.
I work around this by offering up my failure at praying as suffering ;)

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Wonderful, heartfelt and true. I was saying "me too" through the whole post. I'm so thankful for Jesus and His love and forgiveness, in spite of me.

Colleen said...

Anne, amen to that! He never fails us but loves us when we fail.

Mary, I like how you put that. Offering up your failure to pray. Sounds like something the Little Flower would say!

Blessedmom, nice to know I'm not the only one. And nice to know God lives and forgives. He knows our hearts, doesn't He?

Jean Wise said...

I see I am not the only shouting ME TOO when reading this. You are right that God does know that about us and still loves us so. All I can do is keeping my heart and all my of my ego back over to HIm constantly.

Colleen said...

Jean, looks like I am in good company with all of you to support and be supported by!

Colleen said...

Jean, looks like I am in good company with all of you to support and be supported by!

munchesmom said...

Here's a "Me Too!" from me also! On Saturday, as I was driving home from work, I started to have a little pity party for myself when the country song This Ain't Nothin' by Craig Morrison came on. He sings about a man who just lost his house in a tornado & a reporter wants his reaction. Instead he talks about the truly important things he's lost in his lifetime. Nothing like a God-incidence to put me in my place!

Colleen said...

munchesmom, thank you for sharing that God-incidence! Amazing how God reaches out to us and sends us reminders! God bless!