Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thankful for Blessings - Giggles and Chocolate

Join Judy, a special blogging friend of mine, on Wednesdays when she hosts this great meme at her inspiring blog, A Thankful Woman's Book of Blessings. In this meme we give thanks for the five things we are most thankful for this past week and then link to Judy's blog.
While you are there, check out her other blogs PLUS her website. I love participating in this meme because it helps me to be more aware of my blessings. Thank you, Judy!
Here are some of my blessings from this week in no particular order:
1. A convertible ride with the top down!  - FINALLY, after several weeks of rain and very humid hot weather, I was finally able to drive my convertible home from work yesterday with the top down. I totally enjoyed the feeling of freedom and the wind in my hair and well, everything about it. Thank you, Lord!
2. The Second Anniversary of my book being published! Amazing! I am so thankful that my book, which was difficult to write for many reasons and yet healing as well, has also helped others who are survivors of child sexual abuse. Praise God! Stay tuned for a special sale on my book to celebrate this anniversary!
3. Chocolate. Can't help it. I love it.
4. My hubby. Can't help it. I love him. I love him even more than I love chocolate.
5. Laughter. Have you ever thought how awesome it is that God gave us the gift of laughter and a sense of humor? I mean, when you really think of it, it is quite amazing. No one teaches us to laugh. When we cannot contain the joy we feel, it just bubbles up into a giggle or a laugh. God must laugh too huh? Of course, He does. After all, we were made in His image. And I am sure we give Him plenty of reasons to laugh, too. Don't you think?


munchesmom said...

Colleen, your list this morning is so fun...a convertible ride, chocolate, & laughter, w/ hubby above chocolate! Now, hubby bringing you chocolate could be paradise :) Congrats on your 2 yr. book anniversary...that's wonderful!

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Thank you for making me smile, as always, Colleen.
Numbers 3 and 4 are just too cute.
Have you ever seen that image (painting, I think) of Jesus tossing His head back in laughter? I LOVE THAT!
Thanks for sharing about the know how I live out that thrill vicariously through you each year! ha ha

Colleen said...

munchesmom, glad you enjoyed it! I had fun writing it!

Judy, glad I made you smile! I knew you would like the car ride! Yes, I have seen that picture of the laughing Jesus! I love it!

Colleen said...

munchesmom, glad you enjoyed it! I had fun writing it!

Judy, glad I made you smile! I knew you would like the car ride! Yes, I have seen that picture of the laughing Jesus! I love it!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Did anyone mention chocolate?

God bless.

Colleen said...

Victor - YES! I mentioned chocolate. Probably shouldn't huh? lol. God bless you too!

evanscove said...

Congrats on the book anniversary! That's a real accomplishment.

A convertible ride? I haven't been in one of those since... I don't know when. I remember a band back in the 80's had a song called "God Made Convertibles." Sounds like you would agree with them! :-)

Laughter and chocolate are wonderful too. The Aztecs believed that chocolate was made by the gods. Well, we would say it's a gift from God, right? And I'm glad to hear that you love your husband more than you do chocolate--I doubt he'd appreciate playing second fiddle to a confection, after all.


Mary333 said...

Hi Colleen! I'm in total agreement with you on all five blessings! Of course, I mean my husband not yours ;) Did you ever notice that women like chocolate better than men? Except for Victor - must be that all the reflecting he does requires lots of carbs and feel good chemicals;) I guess it's more than just a tastebud thing!

Colleen said...

Mary, Hi! Glad to hear from you! Yes, women do seem to like chocolate better than men (other than Victor!!) Hugs!

Carol@simple_catholic said...

I love your list of blessings, Colleen. We certainly have much to be thankful for!

I had to laugh when I saw that you put chocolate on the list! I'm thankful for chocolate, too! lol!

Congratulations on your book anniversary!

kkollwitz said...

"A convertible ride with the top down!" Nothing beats having a convertible in the family. Here in SC I have the top down year-round unless water is falling from the sky.

I use my convertible to teach sundayschoolers about abortion. Who knew convertibles were so practical?

RAnn said...

It is important to be thankful, and chocolate certainly is something to be thankful for.

Barb Schoeneberger said...

mmmmmmm...Chocolate. If I ever have to give it up for the rest of my life...what a penance!

Colleen said...

Carol, thank you! It's amazing how many chocolate lovers there are!

kkollwitz, I read your post about convertibles helping you teach about abortion. Very good idea! I will remember that. I was just in SC for vacation. Beautiful area.

RAnn, yes, being mindful of what we are thankful for helps our attitude about everything! And chocolate helps too! :)

Colleen said...

Evan, love what you said about loving my hubby more than chocolate!! lol.
And yes, I do agree that God made convertibles!:)

Colleen said...

Barb, you are so right! :)