Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thankful for Blessings - Surprises!

Here we are again this week, taking this special time to thank the Lord for our many blessings. Judy is a special blogging friend of mine and she hosts this great meme every Wednesday at her inspiring blog, A Thankful Woman's Book of Blessings. In this meme we give thanks for the five things we are most thankful for this past week and then link to Judy's blog. Thank you, Judy!
Here are some of my blessings from this week:
1. My husband - he spent another weekend helping out with Cursillo. I came home to an empty house on the day he left and found a note from him which was just so special. And a sweet chocolate caramel treat for me! Does he know me or what?
2. Old Friends - I was contacted by an old classmate from nursing school - from 35 years ago!! There was a reunion recently that I missed because no one could find me to tell me about it. So my old friend decided she wanted to find me and she hunted me down! What an awesome gift!
3. Thank you, Lord, for the beautiful sky the other morning - pretty pink sky with white fluffy clouds.
4. And then there was that rainbow today on the way home from work - and it never rained! What a beautiful surprise!
5. As I write this, I reached 30 fans on Facebook for my new website, Catholic Prayer Life! Very cool! Thank you, Lord, for the website, for the inspiration, for the fans, and also the guidance and support from Judy (who hosts this meme).
What are some of your blessings this week?


hip-chick said...

How nice to be contacted by friends from so long ago. That picture of you in your profile is so cute!!

munchesmom said...

What a treat...I love rainbows! Congratulations on your new website & make that 31 fans...I'm heading to Facebook right now!

Colleen said...

hip-chick, thank you! That is a picture of me at about 2 years old.

munchesmom,thank you for becoming a fan! I appreciate it!

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

30 fans is VERY cool, indeed! Congratulations Colleen!
And now tell me...are you a NURSE too?!?!? Is there anything you CAN'T do my friend?
Kudos to Rich for tasty treats!
I love your whole list...rainbows are awesome.
God bless you and thanks for joining us again this week!

Colleen said...

Judy, thank you! I stopped nursing in 1990. Burnout. But I remember my school days and my short career as a nurse with fondness. I figure it was one more thing on the journey that God used to bring me along. As a nurse, I earned about compassion and how to listen, both of which come in handy as a spiritual director! HUGS!