Monday, November 15, 2010

I Love This Quote

“If the heart wanders or is distracted, bring it back to the point quite gently and replace it tenderly in its Master's presence. And even if you did nothing during the whole of your hour but bring your heart back and place it again in Our Lord's presence, though it went away every time you brought it back, your hour would be very well employed.” - St Francis de Sales
I love this quote. I found it recently on my blogging friend's blog. Karinann at Daughter of the King likes to put different quotes under the title of her blog and I enjoy reading them.
I love this quote because I love the way it describes prayer and encourages people who are often worried and upset with distractions.
I love this quote because it is a reminder to me of something my spiritual director always said about praying - 90% of prayer is just showing up.
I love this quote because it describes in a nutshell the way to do centering prayer which is the way I have prayed for years. Centering Prayer has recently been the subject of some controversy and criticism. I posted about it a year ago. This quote, from a canonized saint who lived in the 1500's, only helps to support my feelings and thoughts on centering prayer. I mean, if it is good enough for St. Francis, it is good enough for me.
AND I love this quote because Karinann recently chose St. Francis de Sales to be my patron saint for the new liturgical year starting in a couple of weeks. And I could not be happier.
Lately I have felt drawn to reading more of St. Francis de Sales. He has such a beautiful and simple way of writing about prayer and the spiritual life. He was also a spiritual director and I am hoping to get his guidance in my own ministry of spiritual direction.
So I share with you this quote and another one of these God-incidences that just touches my heart.
And I give thanks to God for His love and His friends, both those in heaven and on earth!


Karinann said...

Thanks for the mentions and links back to my blog. St Francis' Introduction to the Devout Life is one of my spiritual favorites. He was a director for the common man so to speak. The quote at the head of my blog gave me hope for those times I am not so centered in my prayer.
I love your spiritual director's quote about showing up. I could go on, but this comment is turning into a post of it's own :)
Thanks again for this beautiful post on prayer and for the links.
Hugs and God bless!

deodate said...

Colleen, I am a fan of St. Francis as well and have been practicing Centering Prayer since the 7o's. That quote is really what it's all about. We are too violent in our prayer (sounds like a strange word to use, but you know what I mean). Just a gentle return to the Source. Thanks for a great post.

Mary333 said...

St. Francis is an awesome saint! May you be blessed under his patronage this year!

I remember your posts on centering prayer last year and thought they were very good. I haven't read about the recent controversy regarding this type of prayer but I do know that many of the saints practiced this. They just didn't have a name for it yet back then :)

Anne said...

Love St. Francis de Sales! Lucky you to spend 2011 with him! Great quote!

Colleen said...

Karinann, I agree - both quotes give hope. We do not have to be perfect at prayer. Hugs!

Andie, I agree. We try too hard sometimes. Thank you!

Mary, I agree he is an awesome saint! Some people have misunderstood the teachings about centering prayer. That is why I wrote those posts about it. Thanks for stopping by, Mary!!

Anne, thank you! I am definitely excited!

Barb Schoeneberger said...

"90% of prayer is just showing up"

True, true, true. We never know what surprises God has in store for us if we fail to show up.

Colleen said...

Barb, that phrase always helps me when I pray. Just wanting to be with the Lord is enough. God bless!