Sunday, November 21, 2010

The King of My Life

Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom. - Luke 23:42
If we do not know that God is Mercy after reading the story of the Prodigal Son, we should know it after reading today's gospel.
Christ the King, as he hangs dying on a cross, gives pardon to one of the criminals being crucified with him. He tells him he will be in heaven that day with Jesus.
The criminal (we call him the "Good Thief") is dying, too. We do not know if he really had a change of heart or if he was just plain scared. 
What we do know is that, Jesus forgave him and shattered any thought we may have about earning our way into heaven.
Mercy is not about what we deserve. It is more about love.
Pope John Paul II wrote that "Mercy is love's second name."
Love. Mercy. Christ the King.
Jesus, help me to remember you are the King of my life. Help me to trust in your love and mercy. Bring me, Lord, into your kingdom. Amen.


deodate said...

Such a different definition of 'king' than we are used to in this world, isn't it? I share that beautiful prayer at the end of your post with you.

Colleen said...

Andie, yes a different definition for sure. Thanks for sharing my prayer! God bless! And a happy Thanksgiving!

Mary333 said...

Whenever a person tells me that everyone goes to purgatory I always point out that Jesus told St. Dismas that TODAY he would be Him in paradise. I love this reminder of God's great mercy!

Colleen said...

Me too, Mary. Thanks!! God bless!

Jean Wise said...

Aren't we blessed to have such a loving, grace-filled king? I often think we forget what it means to have a KIng, how we should act towards Him and worship and obey him. I know my independent streak too often takes over and thinks it is in charge!

Colleen said...

Jean, I have the same problem! I want to be in charge! I hand it over to Him and then take it back! Praise God He loves us anyway!

evanscove said...

Yes, this is truly one of the Gospels' best examples of Christ's love and mercy. He'll forgive even up to the last minute. Thank you, Lord Jesus.


Colleen said...

Evan, Amen. Thank you for dropping by! God bless!

Barb Schoeneberger said...

Colleen, I think the "Good Thief" was both scared but convinced that Jesus was God. His request that Jesus remember him when He came into His kingdom is a confession that Jesus is God. So simple. I thank God for all the chances He has given me for repentance and hope to be like the Good Thief and steal heaven!

Colleen said...

Barb, me too! Thanks for your comment. God bless!