Sunday, October 30, 2011

Called to Serve

The greatest among you must be your servant. – Matthew 23:11
There is something truly awesome about being called to serve the God we love. There is a feeling of joy and peace that “surpasses all understanding.” (Phil 4:7)
We don’t get to that place by ourselves. We are called. We need to recognize the call. We need to try to do God’s will.
But being a servant of God is not about servitude. It is about love. Love of God and neighbor. And grace. God’s grace.
And I have often found that the ways for us to serve God are given to us, almost without us knowing it. All we have to do is say yes.
My husband is a permanent deacon. Deacons are ordained to service. God calls them to be servants long before they even hear the call to the diaconate. 
I always knew my husband was someone who felt called to serve others. I knew it long before I knew what the diaconate was.
Early in my husband’s formation, our Bishop celebrated a Mass for the deacon candidates and their wives. It was during this Mass that I heard the song, “The Servant Song” for the first time. 
As I sang the words, I started tearing up and looked over at my husband whose eyes held a few tears as well. I knew then that, no matter what, my husband and I were on a special journey.
And I knew that we were where we were supposed to be. He was called to be a deacon and I was called to serve as well, by walking the journey with him.
By God’s grace.
Dear Lord, I long to serve you and to serve those you love. Help me to answer your call. Help me to hold the Christ light for others, to be a companion on the journey. And thank you, Lord, for sending people to serve me in my times of need. Amen.

And here is a version of “The Servant’s Song” for you to hear. Lyrics included! (Hint - play in full screen mode - so beautiful!)



Anne said...

How blessed you are to be a deacon's wife! And, how wonderful that you recognized God's grace working in the life of your husband long before you knew he'd be a deacon! God's grace in our lives is a long-term process isn't it?

Colleen said...

Anne, thank you! Yes, God's grace is definitely a long term process. We do not recognize until years later. And then we are surprised! God bless!

mary333 said...

You are both very blessed in the work you do for the Lord :) He must be very pleased! A beautiful post and prayer, Colleen!

I hope you are feeling better.

Colleen said...

Mary, thank you for your kind comments. I am feeling better and will hopefully get back to visiting you and all my favorite blogs very soon!

Jean Wise said...

Great song. I paused and sang with the video. a special sabbath moment for me.

Colleen said...

Jean, I love that song, too. And yes, you are right - what a great sabbath moment!

Barb Schoeneberger said...

Colleen, I am 100% certain that when God calls a man to the permanent diaconate, He also calls the man's wife - if he is married - to be a partner in that service in some way. Your marriage is also a confirmation to me that God draws people together in matrimony for purposes of salvation. He does have in mind the specific life partner for every married individual.

Colleen said...

Barb, yes, I agree with you. It has become obvious with each passing year, that we were both called. I remember when "we" were in formation, they kept telling us that I was called to be a deacon's wife. I wasn't sure about that in quite the way they mean it. But eventually I came to understand that my calling was more along the lines of sharing my husband with the Church. And supporting him the best I can. And so I do. Thanks for your beautiful comment.
I also agree with your comment about God calling people together for purposes of salvation. That has become very apparent to us as well. My conversion. His re-conversion and vocation. And the healing we have each had because of our love and care for each other.
God is good!

Kathleen Basi said...

The call to the permanent diaconate is a big one--I have had occasion lately to interact with some of the couples going through that process, and I salute you both for going through the process! We are all enriched because of you.

evanscove said...

I hope your husband blesses many people and is in turn blessed by many for the service he is embarking on. (And the same for you too! Maybe you'll get a taste of what the wives of Protestant clergy experience. Hopefully it will be filled with many wonderful experiences!)


Colleen said...

Kathleen, thank you for saying that. God bless!

Evan, thank you, too. I have certainly been blessed by his vocation. Just the experiences and the diaconate community and watching my husband serve our community and diocese in many different ways have blessed me. And there is so much more that I cannot find words for.