Sunday, December 18, 2011

God Still Does the Impossible

“For nothing will be impossible for God.” Luke 1:37
The angel Gabriel speaks these words to Mary. Nothing is impossible for God, he tells her.
We know this but we do not always remember it. We tend to limit God a lot. We say or hear things like:
God will not heal me.
God will never forgive me for this.
God does not hear my prayers.
God cannot possibly love me the way I am.

We do not always have the faith that Mary had. We do not always believe in the impossible happening.
But God does the impossible every day.
If someone had once told me that I would write a book and tell the world my darkest secret (about being an incest survivor), I would have said impossible. My book was published 3 years ago.
If someone had once told me that I would marry a man whose love and respect would help me believe someday that I am worthy of being loved, I would have said impossible. I met just such a man and we have been married for over 32 years.
If someone had once told me that I would convert to the Catholic faith and it would change my life, I would have said impossible. I have been Catholic now for over 22 years and yes, it has changed my life.
Miracles still happen.
God still does the impossible.
Do we ever look at all the “impossibles” in our lives that God has made possible?
Do we believe and trust like Mary did?
Do we say with Mary - “May it be done to me according to your word.”
Lord, I thank you and I praise you for all you have done for me. I thank you for all the impossible things that you have made possible. Increase my faith, Lord. Help me to grow in trust of you. Help me to surrender all to you. Like Mary did. Amen.


Karinann said...

We each have a list of those impossibilities that God has made possible. Remembering them and trusting in Him as Mary did will keep us from limiting the graces He wishes to bestow on us. Thanks for this beautiful reflection and prayer.
Continued Advent blessings.

Colleen said...

Karinann, thank you. I so agree! I think remembering is the key and then telling others our story. Goes back to giving testimony so we can see that God is still doing the impossible. Hugs and advent blessings!

Jean Wise said...

Beautifully written! Amen and thank you Lord

Colleen said...

Thank you Jean. I am coming over to visit you. I read your blog post earlier and I want to comment. God bless!

Michael said...

Wonderful reflection. And you are living proof of God's power and glory!

God Bless you!

Colleen said...

Michael, thank you! And so are you! God bless.

Anne said...

What a lovely post Colleen! What a blessing it is to love the God of the impossible!!!

Barb Schoeneberger said...

Limiting God - yep. We do that all the time when we don't co-operate with His grace that heals and uplifts.

This is a great post for making me think about all the miracles God has worked in my life. Each one proof of His love.

Colleen said...

Anne, thank you! The God of the impossible. I love that.

Barb, glad I gave you something to help remind you of God's everlasting love! I love how you put it - "Limiting God - yep." A lot of us can relate to that, I think.