Sunday, December 11, 2011

Testify to the Light

“A man named John was sent from God. He came for testimony, to testify to the light, so that all might believe through him.” – John 1:6-7
John the Baptist was called to be a witness for Jesus. He gave witness to Jesus, the Light of the world. He testified by his life and his words.
John did not pretend to be the Messiah. He did not try to call people to himself. He was always pointing the way to Jesus.
We too are called to be witnesses to Jesus.
We too are sent from God to testify to the Light.
And how do we do that?
We tell our story.
We tell how we have come to know Jesus and what He has done for us.
We tell how He has changed our lives.
We share our faith.
John was called to testify. John was called to be a witness.
And so are we.
We are not the light. Jesus is the light. Like John, we point the way.
Point the way to Love incarnate.
Dear Jesus, help me to be a witness to your presence in my life. Help me to be a witness to your Light and your Love. Come, Lord Jesus, come. Light our world. Amen.


Colleen @ ID said...

Beautiful and inspiring. I think I'll go do a post.

Michael said...

Loved this reflection. A great reminder that we need to keep spreading the world. To keep pointing the way.

God Bless you.

Karinann said...

"Point the way to Love Incarnate." Colleen, you could have written that one line and given us endless food for meditation and prayer in it. But I am glad you wrote the rest too :)
Beautiful and insightful.
Hugs and Blessings!

Colleen said...

Colleen, thank you! I will over later to read YOUR post!! :)

Michael, thank you so much! God bless you too!

Karinann, thank you. I have to say that line was suddenly given to me when I thought I was all done writing this post. I am glad I listened! Hugs and blessings!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Christian bloggers should help and encourage each other to spread the Word.

Great post Colleen.

God bless.

Colleen said...

Victor, yes we should!! Amen!
God bless.

noreen said...

Beautiful reflection Colleen! I just wish that I was better at putting into words my relationship with Jesus.

Colleen said...

Noreen, thank you! Just write or speak from your heart. Just share your story. And people will listen. God bless!

Jean Wise said...

We tell our own story - lots of wisdom in that sentence. love this reflection, Colleen. I reread it several times. Testify to the LIght - what a mission for all of us.

Colleen said...

Jean, thank you so much. Your words warm my heart! You have no idea how I fretted over this reflection, trying to get it just right. God bless!

Barb Schoeneberger said...

One of the things I love about the Blessed Mother and her appearances since her Assumption is that she is forever pointing to Jesus. To be like Mary is to always point to Jesus, with or without words.

Colleen said...

Barb, amen! I was thinking about that, too. I am always telling people this who ask if we Catholics worship Mary. Mary points everyone to her Son. God bless!

ellengable said...

Beautiful post, Colleen! I'm a firm believer in sharing my witness testimony (one of the reasons I wrote my first novel was to share my conversion story). God bless...

Colleen said...

Ellen, thank you! God bless!

Carol@simple_catholic said...

I read your words and immediately thought of family - being a witness to our family who are far from the Lord. I need to be a better witness of the Lord to them, but often the words fail me.

Colleen said...

Carol, if no words come, witness with your life. Like St Francis said, "Preach the gospel and sometimes use words."
God bless!