Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thankful for Blessings- Social Media and More

My blogging friend, Judy, has an inspiring blog, A Thankful Woman's Book of Blessings. Join her every Wednesday in giving thanks for the many blessings we receive from God. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude! Write a list of 5 blessings and then link to Judy's blog. Also check out her website and her newly published book! Thanks for this meme, Judy!
I am grateful for -
1. My oldest son and his family. He and his wife are celebrating their anniversary today. I am so grateful that I had a chance to talk to him today, too.
2. Social Media. We miss our oldest son and family since they moved but we are keeping in touch. Social Media helps! I needed an address for someone today and got it in 5 minutes. I see updated pictures of my grandson almost every day. Used correctly and with respect, social media can help us long distance families and friends feel closer. And also, we can evangelize and share our love for God on blogs like this one like we are doing with this meme!
3. A beautiful moon. I just looked outside as I am writing this and there is a beautiful moon tonight. Thank you, Lord.
4. The Sacrament of Reconciliation. To be able to experience God's love and mercy in this sacrament is such a blessing.
5. My mother. For the support and love she gives me everyday, even though she lives hundreds of miles away (through daily emails. See # 2 above! :)



munchesmom said...

I agree...when used effectively, social media can be a wonderful blessing.

I'm looking forward to our parish penance service is coming up tomorrow evening. Our two oldest boys go also & it's such a blessing to see their faces when they come out of the confessional.

Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge said...

Social media has helped me stay in touch so much more with my family (the majority of which is over 600 miles away).

OrdainedPraise said...

You are blessed that your mother can use e-mail and have access to a computer. I can only talk on the phone with my own mother.

mary333 said...

Social media is a blessing for my husband too - his family lives down in Texas. We were able to show them pictures of the new house through e-mail and their phones :) I'm glad you hear from your family so much, Colleen. It's hard when they move away but at least it's easier to keep in touch these days! God bless!

Colleen said...

munchesmom, I loved watching my boys' faces, too, when they went to confession. A gift.

Kristen, I wonder what we did without it - Talk on the phone, run up long distance charges, and miss our loved ones' day to day lives. That is what I love the most. Knowing the little details of their days like I live next door.

Ordained Praise, my mother did not want anything to do with a computer for a long time. Then she came to visit and I showed her how to email my sister. She was hooked! I am so happy we can email each other everyday.

Mary, you are so right! I know how your husband feels! Love your house!

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

It moves my heart so much to sense your great love for your mother.
For someone who has suffered in their youth as you have...this not only amazes me...but fills my heart with joy and are such a beautiful person, Colleen...and I am so happy that God has given you the grace to be so close to your mother:) My brother is trying to get me to "skype" (is that how it's spelled?)...I'm completely ignorant as to how it all works...but I'm thinking of learning. We had a GORGEOUS moon here...the other MORNING! The kids were astounded that it was morning and the moon was still so huge and was a bright, white, full moon...and it looked as though it was sitting right atop the mountain...and, in fact, reminded us of a huge EUCHARIST greeting us in our new day! It was awesome. Thanks so much for joining this meme with me each week.

Colleen said...

Judy, thank you for your truly kind words that warmed my heart.. I want to skype too (yes, that is the right spelling! I think!) so my grandson does not forget us and what we look like!!! My son knows how to do it so hopefully we will try it soon.. That moon sounds so beautiful! Thanks Judy!