Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Thankful for Blessings - Retreat and Renewal

My blogging friend, Judy, has an inspiring blog, A Thankful Woman's Book of Blessings. Please join her every Wednesday in giving thanks for the many blessings we receive from God. When we remember our blessings, we find that we have a new attitude of gratitude! Write a list of 5 blessings and then link to Judy's blog. Also be sure to check out her new meme and her newly published book!
My blessings this week:
1. My new ebook! It is the journal of my last silent retreat and is called First Things First, A Personal Retreat Journal. It has been published on Kindle and also downloadable in pdf format. Thank you, Lord.
2. Freedom of religion - Until this recent HHS Mandate, I do not think I was ever afraid of losing my rights in this country. Certainly not freedom of religion. We can never take anything for granted. Thank you, Lord.
3. Our bishops - I am so grateful to my bishop for sending our parishes a letter to be read at all Masses this past weekend about the HHS Mandate. It actually got a standing ovation. Thank you, Lord.
4. My oldest son who is turning 30 years old this week. (Oh my. How did that happen?) I am so proud of him. He is doing well in his new job and new city and I cannot wait to visit him and his family!  Thank you, Lord.
5. The Child Sexual Abuse symposium in Rome this week to discuss the prevention of sexual abuse of children by clergy. A cardinal will be leading a penitential service to express contrition for the sexual abuse by priests and the coverup by some church officials. The theme is Toward Healing and Renewal. This gives me a lot of hope. Thank you, Lord.


Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge said...

Happy Birthday to your son! I need a Kindle or Nook...maybe for Valentine's Day??? I'll survive without but a girl can dream!

munchesmom said...

I'm right there w/ you on #2. I am so heartbroken & angry over this HHS mandate.

Congrats on your new ebook! I am planning on purchasing it soon. You have such a wonderful way w/ words & inspiration!

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I just ordered your e-book! Congratulations! My Pay Pal payment is pending...will the e-book be sent automatically when my payment clears or do I have to check back on your site?

Happy birthday to your "baby" boy...we both have sons with birthdays this week!

God bless the symposium and may the graces from those prayers and contrition be showered upon the helpless victims who have suffered so gravely at the hands of their own shepherds; that they may find healing in Christ.

Colleen said...

Kristen, thank you for the birthday wishes! You can download kindle or nook readers to your computer! Not the same as the real thing but close. I read kindle books on my iphone too!

munchesmom, thank you for your kind words. And I feel the same feelings you do about the mandate. Just cannot believe it. God bless!

Judy, thank you so much! The ebook should come to you automatically. Paypal notifies ejunkie (funny name) that payment came through and ejunkie sends the download.
Cool about our boys! Happy birthday to your son too!
Thank you for the prayer for the victims and the symposium. God bless!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Congratulations on your new E Book and best wishes to your son.

God bless you and yours.

Colleen said...

Victor, thank you!