Friday, March 30, 2012

Book Reviews

My new ebook, "First Things First, A Personal Retreat Journal", has received a couple of great reviews. Here are snippets!

"If you feel in need of a little silence and time-out from your busy life, I'd recommend you read Colleen's book. It doesn't matter whether you go away for a few days like Colleen or organise a mini retreat-at-home, this book will give you some helpful ideas so you can make the most of your special time with God. - Sue Elvis, blogs at Sue Elvis Writes

"I love going on retreats - getting away from everyday noise and busyness and spending time with God.
Have you ever been on retreat? If you haven't, you may be curious, anxious or even not sure you want to go.
Whether you regularly take a retreat as a faith practice or never been on one and want to know more, you will enjoy reading Colleen Spiro's book - First Things First, a Personal Retreat Journal." -
Jean Wise, blogs at Healthy Spirituality


Sue Elvis said...


I enjoyed your book! I hope many other people hear of it and are helped by it. Thank you for the link!

Colleen said...

Thank YOU, Sue!

Holly@A Life-Size Catholic Blog said...

Don’t forget to link up with Pay It Forward this month. I invited a number of new bloggers from Catholic Mothers online and I hope to have a few new participants. Remember Pay It Forward encourages good info, good writing, good reporting, good humor, good books, scripture, goodwill, Good News, or any other good you can think of. Link your post at Pay it Forward

Maybe you should post Sabbath Moments. It might get a few more people posting there too!

Colleen said...

Thank you Holly! I will do that! God bless!