Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sabbath Moments - Finding God in a Crazy Week

Sabbath moments are a way of taking time to rest in God, to enjoy God in silence or in nature. The word sabbath comes from a Hebrew word meaning "cease." And that is what we need to do sometimes, cease our activity and live in the moment and breathe in God.
I invite you to share your Sabbath moment(s) here on Saturdays. Be sure to sign into Mr. Linky below.
Some of my moments this week:
1. I arrived at work one day this week and just sat in my car for a few minutes, looking around at the trees and birds. I saw a large bird sitting on a handicapped parking sign. It was looking around but seemed in no hurry to leave. I am not sure what kind of bird it was but it was beautiful. Looked rather like royalty the way it was perched on the sign. I sat watching it for a few minutes, glad for this blessing at the start of a work day.
2. Speaking of work days, my goodness this week was busy! This time of year is usually busy but this week was crazy. One good thing about weeks like this - I pray more! I pray "help" quite a bit! And I had to really "work" at finding sabbath moments!
3. Yesterday I spent the day resting and enjoying the day with my hubby. Reading, praying, watching tv, talking, silent. All of these things made it a day filled with sabbath moments and reminders of God's presence.
4. Then last night I went to Eucharistic Adoration and spent an hour in silence before the Blessed Sacrament, my favorite sabbath moment of all.


Barb Schoeneberger said...

Gee, Colleen, I wish I could see that bird on the sign. Every time I see something beautiful I always think of God - especially nature. Lately I've thought that concrete and steel, while they have their purposes, sap the soul. The same with noise such as traffic, the hideous rock music that pounds from some cars when we're at a traffic light, etc. Nature counterbalances the man-made objects of life. We used to have an active farm down the street before the land was sold for development. I miss hearing the rooster in the morning and the cows mooing. At least there are lots of birds around here to sing me awake in the morning!

Anonymous said...

So that little bird decided to be show-off? I guess it's the small things like that help bring us back to being mindful of what's around us.

And Eucharistic Adoration definitely has to be one of the best ways to have a "sabbath moment" during the week!


Colleen said...

Barb, you would have loved that bird!
I agree with the noise in our world today. Drives me nuts. Not just the rock music but also the noisy cars and motorcycles. Noise everywhere. I constantly long for peace and quiet. Glad you have birds to sing to you!

Evan, I love looking at the small things. They just catch my eye! The eye of my heart! God bless Evan!

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Birds are beautiful creatures, to be sure! We saw a bright, red Cardinal recently that took our breath away!
Thanks for sharing your beautiful Sabbath Moments with us!

Colleen said...

Judy, I love red cardinals! Have not seen one for a long time! God bless!