Friday, April 6, 2012

Walk the Path with Jesus

I went to Holy Thursday Mass tonight and, as usual, was so moved.
In his homily, Father spoke about the different reasons that Jesus had to join others in a meal. The reasons included hospitality, conversion, friendship, and a change of heart.
He said that we needed to see Mass as being more than a ritual. Mass can truly change us. We need to be open to be changed, to be made new. Reminded me of what I wrote a week ago.
I thought about how awesome it is that there is only one Holy Thursday Mass so all parishioners can come together as a community. The unity of us as a church was also symbolized by receiving the oils that were blessed by our bishop at the Chrism Mass. It felt good to be a Catholic and experience all of this.
Later, as I sat in adoration before the Blessed Sacrament, I could only thank Jesus for what he has done for us. 
For what he does for us.
And so. We come upon Good Friday.
It is time to walk the path with Jesus.

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