Saturday, April 7, 2012

Why Does Jesus Love Us?

Good Friday.
Hubby and I are watching the movie, "Jesus". We are totally absorbed. Somehow I get to the end of the movie without crying.
In the last scene, Jesus has risen. Mary and the disciples are in the Upper Room. Thomas is telling them he will not believe unless he can put his hand in Jesus' wounds.
Then Jesus appears. When he shows his hand to Thomas, Thomas drops to his knees and says, "My Lord and my God."
Then Jesus tells them to go and make disciples of all nations. He looks at them all a minute as they stare back at him, looking like they are in shock.
And then, with kindness and compassion in his eyes, he says to them, "I will be with you always."
That is when I cry. That is when the tears flow.
I go to the Good Friday service. In his homily, my deacon hubby speaks of Jesus' great love for us and how much more meaningful the Veneration of the Cross can be, when we know we are loved. Truly loved.
And as I watch people go up to venerate the Cross, I keep asking Jesus, why do you love me? Why do you love us all? Even those who don't love you back?
Jesus, I don't think I get it - a love as great as this. I do not know how you can love us, Jesus, the way we are. The way we sometimes ignore you. Or turn away from you. Or blame you.
I just cannot figure it out.
But maybe I am not supposed to get it. Maybe I am just supposed to believe. Maybe, like Thomas, I am just supposed to cry out - My Lord and my God!
Driving home, my hubby, who holds the cross during the veneration, tells me that he kept his eyes closed most of the time. But at one point, he opened his eyes just in time to see a little boy come running up to the cross and wrapping his arms around it like it was his favorite teddy bear of all time.
Tears spring to my eyes.
Maybe that is why Jesus loves us so much. Perhaps He sees all of us to be like that little child, full of love and innocence and joy.


Colleen @ ID said...

The little boy hugging the cross like he would Jesus got me too!

Michael said...

Beautiful, Colleen.

I ask myself this question all the time. Especially on Good Friday. How can He possibly love us that much? Why?

It's unthinkable.

Have a blessed Easter!

Colleen said...

Colleen, I know what you mean - it just grabs my heart.

Michael, I agree - it is unthinkable. Beyond our grasp.
Happy Easter to you too.

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Just as Rich was so greatly moved by that little boy, I had a similar moment at our Good Friday service, when...before the congregation processed up to the cross...the Altar Servers (of which my son, Jake, was one) held the cross for EACH OTHER so that THEY could kiss/venerate it. To see these STRONG, teenage, strapping young men, in cassock and surplice so humbly and gently bend to kiss the cross and then wipe it with the white cloth for each tears began to flow, as well :) I do not know why He loves us, Colleen...but like you, I am so very glad He does.

Colleen said...

Judy, I can say that I know how you felt. My boys were altar servers (many years ago!) and I remember having moments like that. They look so humble and innocent, eh? And you just know, Jesus loves them so much. Even more than we do, if that is possible. And He loves us the same way too. Do you think we bring tears to His eyes?