Sunday, June 2, 2013

Jesus' Overflowing Love

"They all ate and were satisfied. And when the leftover fragments were picked up, they filled twelve wicker baskets. " Luke 9:17
For years I had been hungry. For years I had been searching for food that nourished me, for food that helped me to feel loved and whole.
The first day that I received the Eucharist, on that Easter Vigil over 20 years ago, I felt something new - an emptiness that had been filled. A heart that had been filled with love.
Now I find that going to Mass is always nourishing, always satisfying. The music or homily may not touch my heart on any given day. I may not be in the "mood" to be there. Not to worry. Something always changes within me and I feel at home.
Sometimes I cannot wait to go to Mass. Other times I go out of obligation, but I always leave Mass knowing that Jesus has touched me.
I always leave knowing that I have been filled.
I always leave feeling satisfied.

More than satisfied, really. 

Dear Lord, thank you for the gift of Yourself. May I never take your love for granted. Please fill me to overflowing, Lord, and use me to fill others. Amen.


Karinann said...

I am always awe- struck and amazed at what Jesus does with the littlest amount we give Him.
As always joining you in your beautiful prayer.
Happy feast of Corpus Christi!

Colleen said...

Karinann, well said!! Yes, I feel that same awe. Thanks and God bless!

mary333 said...

Great post, Colleen! I always leave Mass feeling better than when I came in!

Colleen said...

Mary, thank you! Yes, Jesus just fills us to overflowing!

Barb Schoeneberger said...

I love what you said here. The sermon or music may not touch you, but the Mass is always nourishing. That's how I feel, too. And I shudder to think of what I'd be like if I didn't go to Mass faithfully.

Colleen said...

Barb, amen!