Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Deo Gratias - Freedom & Fun

If the only prayer you ever say in your life
 is thank you, it will be enough." - Meister Eckhart

Deo Gratias is Latin for "Thanks be to God." Remembering to give thanks for all of our blessings, big and small, helps us to find God in our everyday moments and gives us an attitude of gratitude! I invite you to share your blessings here on Wednesdays. Be sure to sign into Mr. Linky below and grab the button to put on your blog!

Please Note - I am taking a "blogcation" from posting next week. I will still post the MIster Linky here just in case you still wish to link up and participate in this meme. I will be back posting the following week.
1. Rain. We need more rain, but we had a little over the weekend which was refreshing and cooling and beautiful. And then, as I work on this post, it just started pouring! Honestly, I did not know it was coming! Thank you, Lord.
2. Candles. I love my candles. Especially vanilla scented! Thank you, Lord.
3. Coffee. I love my Keurig coffee maker and vanilla creamer. (Must be a vanilla day!) Thank you, Lord.
4. Movie date. Hubby and I have not gone to the movies for years until recently. We just waited for the movie to come out on DVD! Now we try to get out and see a good movie at least once a month. It is good for us to get out to do fun things together, just the 2 of us!
5. Our country's freedoms. I am surely grateful that I live in this country. I pray that we never lose any of our freedoms that so many have fought and died for. Thank you, Lord.

Happy 4th of July!


Maria said...

Keurig's are get that first, fresh cup of coffee everytime! I just can't justify the cost right now, although I have heard they sell reusable K-cups so you can purchase the coffee in bulk.

Yay for movie date nights! Matt & I are the same...we don't go often & usually average one a year (if we're lucky). This year, we've already seen two...very rare for us!

Happy 4th of July & enjoy your blogcation!

Eileen Miller said...

It's been raining here often this week too. Happy blogcation!

Michael said...

Enjoy your blogcation Colleen! God Bless!

Connie Arnold said...

Always good to be reminded to give thanks. Enjoy your blogcation and happy 4th to you, Colleen!

Colleen said...

Maria, yes we have the reusble cups and they work great!
We really enjoy our movie dates, too. We hope to keep it up once a month!

Eileen, it must be raining everywhere!!

Michael, thank you! God bless!

Colleen said...

Connie, thank you! God bless!