Monday, July 22, 2013

Light in the Darkness - A Little Thing Goes a Long Way

Maria at Four Blessings Academy is hosting an uplifting meme for every Monday called Light in the Darkness. Here we share stories of hope and joy. We can link to a news article or video or tell a story from our own lives. Post about your story and then link to Maria's blog. There is enough negativity in this world. Let's spread some joy and light up the darkness!

Sometimes we think we have to do something BIG to help others, but we don't. Little things, little moments, can go a long way to make a difference in someone's life.


Eileen Miller said...

Love it!

Colleen said...

Thanks Eileen! Me too!

Maria said...

So really doesn't have to be a big gesture to spread kindness to others.

Mary N. said...

I loved this story, Colleen! Those "little things" are not really little things at all, are they?

I hope you had a great vacation - I loved the pictures!

Happy Anniversary :)

Colleen said...

Maria, I was near tears listening to this girl. I hope I remember to be this thoughtful.

Mary, thank you! Vacation was great! Anniversary was great!
And yes, I agree - these little things are really not little.