Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sunday Snippets - August 18

This is the weekly Catholic Carnival! Be sure to visit RAnn at This, That and the Other Thing and check out some posts from other bloggers participating in Sunday Snippets this week. Why not join us and share a blog post or two from last week?

RAnn has added a Question of the Week for us to answer. This first week, we are supposed to tell some things about our blog and ourselves.
Well, right now I am a bit stressed out as we just sold our house and we are house hunting with little time to do that! Ahhggg!!

Anyhow, here are some things about me.
1. I am married to a permanent deacon
2. I am a convert
3. I am an incest survivor
4. I am an introvert - big time!
5. I am a mother and stepmother and grandmother! I have 4 stepchildren, 2 children, and 16 grandchildren!
6. I am a spiritual director

My blog - I started a different blog because I had written a book about being an incest survivor and how God has helped me on my healing journey. I discovered that I really liked writing about my faith and sharing my life with God. And I also discovered that there is a community here among bloggers and I really enjoyed that. So I started this blog, Thoughts on Grace.

Here are my contributions for this week.

1. Much is Required

2. God Sends An Angel

3. Light in the Darkness - Gifts of Kindness

4. Deo Gratias - Surprises!


Kathleen Basi said...

It's so interesting that you're a spiritual director when you're an introvert, too. I suppose the one on one is ideal for that.

Colleen said...

Kathleen, I think you are right. The main thing I do is listen. I listen to the directee and the Holy Spirit. And introverts are great listeners. We are not into making small talk. And we have to think out how we are going to respond to things.