Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sunday Snippets - October 20

This is the weekly Catholic Carnival! Be sure to visit RAnn at This, That and the Other Thing and check out some posts from other bloggers participating in Sunday Snippets this week. Why not join us and share a blog post or two from last week?

Question of the Week - Do you have any suggestions regarding the Rosary? Books? Audios? Ways to pray it?
I just discovered the Pray-as-you-go website has some beautiful reflections on the rosary. They offer a different way to pray the rosary, using traditional prayers and music. I am not a rote prayer type of person (in my personal prayer time), so I do not pray the rosary often. Only when the Holy Spirit nudges me!
Another different way of praying the rosary is praying the Rosary Hours. There is a pdf version and an app!

1. Sabbath Moments - Daily Mass

2. A Grateful Heart

3. Light in the Darkness - Feeding the Homeless

4. Deo Gratias - Feeling Blessed

5. Small Success Thursday Returns!


RAnn said...

Thanks for the rosary links!

Colleen said...

RAnn, you are welcome!